Steering Committee

Steering Committee

To act on behalf of the Executive Board during the interim times between Board meetings, The committee will report to the Executive Board at its annual meeting.


  •  Work closely with the Central Office & review the challenges facing the organization.
  •  Update the implementation of future & strategic Plans.
  •  Serve as a sounding board for emerging issues, problems, and initiatives.
  •  Discuss & recommend membership issues.
  •  Review and update the admin & internal FAIR Rules if necessary.
  •  Setting recommendations & plans for the development of FAIR.
  •  Follow up the work of the technical committees.
  •  Evaluation of case study competition entries and FAIR essay awards.
  •  Administration, evaluation & recommendation of FAIR Hall of Fame awards.
  •  Any other matter duly delegated by the EB.

Meetings Frequency:

  •  Meeting at least twice every year and/or as required.
  •  One of these meetings will be alongside the Executive Board.


  •  FAIR President
  •  Representative of Egypt (Being the location of the Central Office)
  •  Convenor of the Financial Committee
  •  Managing Director of FAIR Oil & Energy Insurance Syndicate
  •  Director of FAIR Non-Life Reinsurance Pool
  •  Director of FAIR Aviation Pool
  •  3 Members elected by FAIR Executive Board

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