Membership Categories

Ordinary Membership

Open to:

⦁ Any Afro-Asian National Insurance or Reinsurance company and/or holding organization. In all cases, an ordinary member shall have:

       1) At least fifty-one percent of Afro-Asian ownership; and

       2) Its Head Office domiciled in Afro-Asia
⦁ Ordinary Members shall be entitled to vote or hold office.

Associate Membership

Open to:

1) Any other Afro-Asian National Insurance or Reinsurance company whose head office domiciled in Afro-Asia Asia
2) Any African or Asian national insurance association, institution or academy

Correspondent Membership

Open to:

⦁ Other insurance and reinsurance companies or institutions whose collaboration is deemed conducive to promoting the objectives of FAIR.

Brokers & Consultants Membership "FBCS"

Open to:

1) Afro-Asian Insurance and/or Reinsurance Brokerage Firms.
2) Afro-Asian Insurance Consultancy Firms.
3) Afro-Asian Insurance Brokers’ Association.
4) Individual Brokers active in the Afro-Asian region.

⦁ FAIR Brokers & Consultants Society ‘FBCS’ has been established in 2005, aiming at developing the profession and having a progressive and powerful arm to spur regional cooperation and to encourage business exchange among FAIR Members.