Membership Categories

4 Categories

Ordinary Membership is opened to any Afro-Asian national Insurance or Reinsurance Company and/or Holding Organization, In all cases, an ordinary member shall have:

⦁ at least fifty-one percent of Afro-Asian ownership
⦁ the Head-Office situated in Africa or Asia

Associate membership is opened to:

⦁ any other Afro-Asian national insurance or reinsurance compan whose Head-Office is situated in Africa or Asia
⦁ any African or Asian national insurance association or institution

Correspondent Membership is opened to other insurance and reinsurance companies or institutions, whose collaboration is deemed conducive to promoting the aims of the “FAIR”.

Brokers & Consultants Membership: FAIR Brokers & Consultants Society (FBCS) has been established in 2005, aiming at developing the profession and having a progressive and powerful arm to spur regional cooperation and to encourage business exchange among FAIR Members.

FBCS Membership is opened to:

⦁ Afro-Asian Brokerage Companies.
⦁ Insurance Consultancy Firms.
⦁ Individual Brokers
⦁ Brokers Association