Executive Board

The Executive Board represents and exercises all the powers of the General Assembly save when the latter is in session. It motivates all activities and guides all FAIR accomplishments.

The Executive Board should meet at least once a year. The dedication of the Board Members and their enthusiasm to participate in all sessions enhance the efficacy of the meetings.

Functions of the Executive Board ,The Executive Board shall meet at least once yearly to:

Consider all matters included in the agenda of the General Assembly.

Prepare and recommend the budget and scales of subscriptions for adoption by the General Assembly.

Composition of the Executive Board (2020-2021)

Permanent Members:

President Morocco

Vice Presidents Bahrain, UAE

location of the Central Office Egypt

Manager of the Reinsurance Pool
Manager of the Aviation Pool
Manager of the Oil & Energy Syndicate
Manager of the Nat-Cat Pool

Elected Members:

Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Tunisia, China, Iran, Kuwait, Malaysia, Philippines,